Green River Pumping Plant

The Green River Pumping Plant (GRPP) pumps up to 10,000 acre-feet of water per year from the Green River to lands in the Uinta River drainage in western Uintah County. The project consists of a water intake and pumping station on the Green River, a thirty acre-foot regulating pond, and approximately three miles of pipeline to connect the pump station to the pond and to the existing Ouray Park Irrigation Company pipeline. Construction of the project was completed and placed into operation in 2012.

Currently, GRPP provides supplemental irrigation water to Ouray Park Irrigation Company, the Uintah River Irrigation Company, and the Whiterocks Irrigation Company. Because of the large geographic area served by the GRPP, not all the water can be pumped directly to the irrigated lands. Therefore, water historically delivered to those areas served directly by the GRPP is diverted upstream by exchange to the upper areas. As the holder of the Green River water right, the District sponsored, constructed, and is operating the project.