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Water Horse Project

Pipeline Dream: Ambitious Proposal To Bring Utah Water To Colorado

(CBS4) — A Fort Collins man is pressing forward with a proposed 325-mile-long pipeline which would transfer water from northeastern Utah... more ››

Colorado River

Upper Colorado River Drought Plan Triggered For First Time

Increasingly bleak forecasts for the Colorado River have for the first time put into action elements of the 2019 upper basin drought... more ››

Gene Shawcroft

Gov. Spencer Cox Appoints New Colorado River Commissioner

(SALT LAKE CITY) — Utah Gov. Spencer Cox announced the appointment of Gene Shawcroft as the Utah Commissioner to the Upper Colorado River... more ››

Navajo Nation Water Settlement

Long-awaited bill to settle Navajo Nation water rights in San Juan County passed by Congress

Soon after COVID-19 was identified in the Navajo Nation in March and its per capita case rate exceeded all U.S. states, a common refrain... more ››

Bear Lake, Utah

Bear Lake could store additional water if operations changed

Can more water be stored in Bear Lake by adjusting flood control operations? Idaho, Utah and PacifiCorp worked with reservoir modeling... more ››

Utah M&I Water Use

Latest water use numbers posted to revamped Open Water Data website

The state’s latest water use numbers have been published by the Utah Division of Water Resources and can be found on the recently... more ››

Snow and River

December 1st "Climate and Water Report", NRCS-Utah Snow Survey

Current Valley Conditions (SCAN)

Snow fall

Utah's water year so far: Large parts of the state in 'extreme' or 'exceptional' drought

SALT LAKE CITY — Bah humbug.So far this water year that began Oct. 1 has been treating most of Utah like a miserly scrooge, stingy with... more ››

Dust Bowl

November 1st "Climate and Water Report", NRCS-Utah Snow Survey

Current Valley Conditions (SCAN)

Worried Emoji

October 1st "Climate and Water Report", NRCS-Utah Snow Survey

Current Valley Conditions (SCAN)

Senator Mike Lee

Mike Lee seeks a ‘shot clock’ to speed federal environmental reviews

Professional basketball invented the shot clock to force teams to pick up the pace of the game. Now, Sen. Mike Lee wants a different kind... more ››

Glen Canyon Dam

Utah's proposal to build Colorado River pipeline gets pushback from 6 states

Six states that depend on the Colorado River are pushing back against Utah’s proposal to build a 140-mile pipeline that would divert water... more ››

Desert Biome

September 1st "Climate and Water Report" Published

Current Valley Conditions (SCAN): Ditto last month, unfortunately.  August was another very dry month in Utah’s valley locations, where a... more ››

Bathtub Ring at Lake Mead

Nevada residents blast Utah’s Lake Powell pipeline plan

LAUGHLIN, Nev. (AP) — A group of residents in a southern Nevada town that sits along the Colorado River are organizing a campaign to oppose... more ››

Lake Mead

US West faces reckoning over water but avoids cuts for now

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — The white rings that wrap around two massive lakes in the U.S. West are a stark reminder of how water levels are... more ››

Yampa River Steamboat Springs Colorado

Officials restrict water usage from northern Colorado river

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — The primary part of the Yampa River in northern Colorado is under water usage restrictions for only the... more ››

Skull in Desert

August 1st "Climate and Water Report", NRCS-Utah Snow Survey

July was a rough month in Utah’s valley locations, where a scant 0.4 inches of precipitation accumulated. Northern and Western Utah, and... more ››

Railway Interchange

Environmental groups sue Utah board over oil railway grants

Utah officials violated federal law last year when they awarded nearly $28 million in grants to plan and develop a railway that oil-... more ››

Flaming Gorge Reservoir

Utah water supply: Scientists say reservoirs healthy, worry about groundwater

SALT LAKE CITY – With Utah experiencing several 100 degree plus days recently, Utahns have been turning on the tap for a cool drink of... more ››

Big Sand Wash Reservoir

Utah first state to benefit from transfer of federal water projects to local control under Dingell Act

SALT LAKE CITY — Two federal watershed projects are expected to be turned over to Utah in a first-of-its-kind transfer from federal... more ››