Jensen Unit

The Jensen Unit was also established in 1956, by Reclamation, as a participating project of the Colorado River Storage Project. The Jensen Unit was planned primarily as an irrigation project to supply supplemental irrigation water to irrigators in the Jensen area and areas extending east to the Green River. The Jensen Unit later expanded to include the development of municipal and industrial water, fish and wildlife enhancement, and flood control. In all, the Jensen Unit has the potential when fully developed to provide 22,600 acre-feet annually; 18,000 acre-feet for municipal and industrial use and 4,600 acre-feet for irrigation. Currently, 5,200 acre-feet of municipal and industrial water is being utilized annually.

The Jensen Unit supplies municipal and industrial water to Jensen Water Improvement District, Ashley Valley Sewer & Water Improvement District, Maeser Water Improvement District, Vernal City, Uintah County, and Simplot. About 440 acres of farmland receive full-service water supply and 3,640 acres receive supplemental irrigation water from the Jensen Unit. The Jensen Unit utilizes high runoff flows in Brush Creek as its water source.

The major features of the Jensen Unit include Red Fleet Dam and Reservoir, Tyzack Pumping Plant, and Tyzack Aqueduct Reach No. 1, 2, and 3. The Burns Bench Pumping Plant was originally planned as part of the Jensen Unit but has not yet been constructed. Municipal and industrial supplies are delivered to the Ashley Valley Water Purification Plant (AVWPP) from Red Fleet by way of the Tyzack Pumping Plant and Tyzack Aqueduct Reach No. 1. Tyzack Reach No. 2 and 3 deliver the treated water from the AVWPP to Vernal City, Jensen Water Improvement District, Maeser Water Improvement District, and Ashley Valley Water & Sewer Improvement District. Stored irrigation water is released from Red Fleet Reservoir back into Brush Creek as supplemental irrigation water during times of low flow in the creek.

Reclamation transferred responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the Jensen Unit to the District in May of 1985. The District continues the operation of the project and administers the sale and delivery of project water.